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I schedule appointments six days a week. I prefer to schedule my clients on a rotating basis to ensure that the horse has consistent care to prevent injuries and maintain hoof health. Should you have an emergency need between appointments, please contact me quickly and I will fit you in within a reasonable time frame.


Sundays and most holidays I reserve for my family.

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- Trimming

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- Specialty/Corrective Shoes

About Me


I attended the Five Star Farrier School under the instruction of Mustad Clinician, Member of the American Farriers Team multiple times, and a winner of the 2015 Calgary Team Farrier competiton Dusty Franklin .


I am a member fo the American Farrier's Association and the World Championship Blacksmiths orginization. In an effort to provide you the most up to date and best service possible, I regularly attend continuing education clinics and farrier competitions. 

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