My responsibility to YOU, the Client.
  • Ensure that clear information is provided about practice details, contact arrangements, terms and conditions, services, prices, and complaints procedures

  • Respond to clients’ enquiries as quickly as possible. A time scale is not set but factors to consider include:

    • The means and ease by which the client can be contacted

    • The urgency, nature and complexity of the enquiry

    • The availability of either party

    • Whether information is needed from a third party

  • Take all reasonable care in using my professional skills

  • Keep my skills and knowledge up to date by undertaking regular Continued Professional Development (CPD)

  • Not attend (shoe or trim) any animal in the absence of the client, or a person who takes responsibility for the horse in the client’s absence, without prior arrangement

  • Keep within my own areas of competence save for the requirement to provide emergency first aid

  • Advise clients when a second opinion or further professional advice is required

  • Work in conjunction with a veterinary surgeon’s advice where appropriate

  • Recognise that the client has freedom of choice

  • Maintain client confidentiality providing it does not conflict with the horse’s welfare

  • Give due consideration to the client’s concerns and wishes where these do not conflict with the horse’s, or my own, welfare or health and safety

  • Provide fully itemised invoices and bills if requested

  • Provide an adequate period of notice if I do not wish to continue to work for a client for whatever reason

My responsibility to the horse.


  • Treat all horses humanely, with respect, and with welfare as the primary consideration

  • Make proper arrangements for the provision of relief (for example holiday leave or extended periods of absence) and emergency cover 

  • Maintain proper standards in all equipment, including mobile forges and business premises 

  • Not cause any horse to suffer by:

    • Carrying out any unnecessary action 

    • Employing excessive restraint or discipline

    • Failing to advise the need to call a veterinary surgeon when appropriate

Client responsibility to me, the farrier.


  • Notify me at least 3 hours before a scheduled appointment if you need to cancel or reschedule the appointment for any reason. Should you fail to provide me with 3 hours of notice, or no-show, a missed appointment fee of $50 will be billed to you to cover my costs for missed work and wasted mileage.

  • Provide me with:

    • A clean, dry standing with good light and a non-slip surface

    • A secure, safe ring to which the horse can be tied

    • Protection from rain, wind and bad weather

    • A properly fitted, sound head collar/halter with a good rope of adequate length

    • Competent assistance available should the farrier require it 

  • Ensure that the shoeing area is safe for horse and farrier

  • Ensure that the horse is used to being handled and, if appropriate, has a companion animal close by. In the event of a horse being unruly the client or their agent, should agree with the farrier, on the management of the horse

  • Understand that certain methods of control may be required to preserve life, health and safety and that a farrier has the right to decline to shoe a horse, or to discontinue shoeing, if it is felt that to proceed would compromise his or her own health and safety, that of others, or that of the horse

The farrier/client relationship is one of mutual trust and respect.


It falls on the shoulders of both the farrier and the client to respect each other's time by scheduling appointments that are likely to be kept, communicating with advanced notice if something unavoidable comes up that will interfere with the appointment, and showing up to the appointment prepared and on time.

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About Me


I attended the Five Star Farrier School under the instruction of Mustad Clinician, Member of the American Farriers Team multiple times, and a winner of the 2015 Calgary Team Farrier competiton Dusty Franklin .


I am a member fo the American Farrier's Association and the World Championship Blacksmiths orginization. In an effort to provide you the most up to date and best service possible, I regularly attend continuing education clinics and farrier competitions. 

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