Routine Trimming is very beneficial to your horse. Trimming reduces excessive growth and is positive for the overall health of your horse.  

Shoeing is a necessity for many horses in our modern world for a variety of reasons. The most common reasons I would recommend shoeing would be :
-when the horse is wearing off more hoof than it is growing
-when the horse has a specific medical necessity that needs to be addressed by an appliance
-when the horse has  a specific job/role that is positively enhanced by horseshoes
Specialty Shoes
Horses sometimes require special shoes to either aide them in whatever task is being asked of them or they may have an injury that requires some type of assistance from a specific shoe. 

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I attended the Five Star Farrier School under the instruction of Mustad Clinician, Member of the American Farriers Team multiple times, and a winner of the 2015 Calgary Team Farrier competiton Dusty Franklin .


I am a member fo the American Farrier's Association and the World Championship Blacksmiths orginization. In an effort to provide you the most up to date and best service possible, I regularly attend continuing education clinics and farrier competitions. 

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