Does it hurt them?

No. The horse is not hurt when a horse is routinely cared for and the work is properly done. The simplest analogy is that when you cut your nails it doesn't bother you.

How often do I have to do this?
Cycles are most commonly between 6 to 8 weeks depending on growth. 
Where do you service?
I am a mobile practice and service the majority of Western Washington.




Can you fix my horse?
Maybe. I prefer to say that I don't fix horses, I treat them. As with most any medical conditions, treatments vary between patients. We just have to find the most probable treatment for your horse. This is usually best done with the addition of a Veterinarian to our treatment team.


"I'm looking for...." or "Do you know of a ...?"
A great place to look for many equine needs/services is 


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- Trimming

- Shoeing
- Specialty/Corrective Shoes

About Me


I attended the Five Star Farrier School under the instruction of Mustad Clinician, Member of the American Farriers Team multiple times, and a winner of the 2015 Calgary Team Farrier competiton Dusty Franklin .


I am a member fo the American Farrier's Association and the World Championship Blacksmiths orginization. In an effort to provide you the most up to date and best service possible, I regularly attend continuing education clinics and farrier competitions. 

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